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Instagram Loves Whole Food's Mega

Aug 12, 2023

When shopping at Whole Foods, you're almost guaranteed to find some amazing, natural products. While you might spend half of your paycheck at "America's Healthiest Grocery Store," it might be worth it if you're aiming to support organic and natural food brands made without added preservatives and chemicals. The health-conscious grocery store chain currently operates over 38,000 store locations throughout the United States, so you'll probably find yourself driving past at least one location throughout your travels (via Statista).

While offering customers premade options for food products, Whole Foods also allows people to make their own as well. Since its founding, Whole Foods has boasted nut-butter machines in the bulk section of many of its stores, "lending a hand" to customers to grind up their own freshly made nut butter of their choice (per Yahoo! News). In a recent video on Instagram, a twist on plain peanut butter seems to be the brand's current favorite and will likely be in high demand.

Anyone up for some freshly made peanut butter? We might have found the most amazing machine for anyone who loves the richly nutty condiment. According to Instagram, Whole Foods has a freshly ground honey-roasted peanut butter machine for its customers. The video checks off all of the boxes when it comes to pleasing nut butter obsessives, showing a beautiful display of honey-roasted peanuts going through the grinding machine and coming out with fresh honey-roasted peanut butter. A comment alleges that the machine is located in the store's bulk section, where customers can bring their own jar to fill up by the pound.

The honey-roasted peanut butter machine joins the grocery store's additional nut butter machines, including roasted almonds, organic roasted peanuts, and more (via Kitchn). According to the Instagram comments though, it seems like it's not everywhere and the demand is high. "Why don't all stores have honest roasted?!" commented one Instagram user. "My store never has the honey roasted option," said another peanut butter fan.