Galbreath unveils new cable hoist
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Galbreath unveils new cable hoist

Aug 28, 2023

The Galbreath brand of Charlotte, North Carolina-based Wastequip has released its new X6 roll-off cable hoist, which it says has been designed to enhance hauler efficiency. The company debuted the X6 in May at WasteExpo in New Orleans.

The X6 combines the durability of Galbreath's U-series cable hoist with the speed of its Above Frame (AF) models, the equipment maker says.

"Thanks to the lighter weight of a single winch cylinder, versus two cylinders in other models, the X6 is 32 percent faster than Galbreath's industry-standard U-series hoist," the company says. The update makes picking up heavy loads easier and saves haulers time and money, according to the firm.

The X6 is compatible with 18-22-foot outside rail (OR) style containers, Galbreath says, and its enhancements "improve not only speed but also ergonomics, safety and ease of operation."

"Galbreath has more experience, more models and more applications than any of our competitors," says Galbreath director of product management Nick Daddabbo. "More importantly, we listen to our customers’ needs and make helpful and well-designed changes, like those we’ve made with our new X6 roll-off hoists. Choosing Galbreath equipment means working with a partner truly committed to designing and delivering equipment solutions that will directly improve your bottom line."

Other features of the FX, according to Galbreath, include inside air controls mounted in Galbreath's ergonomic Power Tower featuring Plug ‘n Play wiring, secondary manual controls mounted outside on the driver's side, outside frame rail stationary rear container hold downs, Pintle brand adaptable rear apron and bumper assembly with U.S. Department of Transportation-approved LED lighting, an automatic spring-loaded pass-through front container lock and an auto-fold air assist Interstate Commerce Commission-grade bumper.