How often do you do laundry?
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How often do you do laundry?

Jun 22, 2023

Updated June 6, 2023, 11:44 a.m.|By East Coast Radio

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Do you fall into the 'no wash' movement, where groups of people are shying away from washing their clothes all the time...

There's not much to question when it comes to clean clothes. It is a natural route of thinking that once you use your clothes, you put them in the laundry basket thereafter.

But, of course, this comes with a different set of rules for hoodies, sweaters, jeans, and jackets.

There is a line between the above items, depending on the usage.

But that's all in line with personal preference and for the most part, doing laundry every week is a stock standard part of life.

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Not any more.

With the growing knowledge of reducing our carbon footprints, more and more people are choosing not to wash their clothes often or at all as a way of being more sustainable to the environment.

In addition, a new 'no wash' movement has emerged with people not washing their denim. This is a great way of creating a fade with your jeans and is practised by the no-wash club and the CEO of Levi's.

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Being a sustainable fashion lover means many things, but it centres on being mindful when it comes to reusing, recycling, and caring for your garments.

The Indigo Invitational, a competition that sees people wear raw denim for a year without washing, will run its fourth year next January.

And shows many competitors "delay the first wash of their trousers until they have been worn 150 or 200 times". (BBC)

In our opinion, that's a bit excessive...

Don't get too concerned over their unusual practice though, because there are other methods of cleaning your clothes outside of washing them.

Giving your garments a sun bath or UV cleansing, and spraying garments with vodka solutions or vinegar to rid the odours are alternatives for many.

"However, a lecturer in sustainable fashion said, "it's about trying to get the balance right," as clean clothes are important for medical and hygiene reasons." (Instagram)

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