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I’m a cleaning expert

Dec 30, 2023

A CLEANING whizz has warned people about the potentially harmful levels of bacteria sitting on "touch points" in their home.

A touch point is an area that regularly has different hands on it.

Content creator Jessica May pointed out that there are a number of domestic touch points that people overlook when cleaning their home.

The first one she exposed was light switches.

"These are constantly being touched which makes them the perfect breeding ground for bacteria," Jess said.

Similarly, TV remotes are always being touched and need a regular wipe down.

"Ours is usually covered in sticky finger marks from the kids," she said. "But again these harbour so many germs."

The third item in the firing line was door handles.

Jess dubbed them "the gateway to different rooms and the key to spreading germs".

"They are touched by everyone all day long," she said.

Jess shared the information alongside a video of her cleaning the areas in a TikTok video.

"Are you forgetting to clean these touch points?" she added in the caption.

"I think we forget that, alongside the bigger items that need cleaning in our homes, are the smaller and most used touch points.

"I have three examples here… but if you can name anymore, let me know."

People flocked to the comments to reveal other touch points they make sure get a regular wipe down.

"I do, since Covid-19, plug sockets, door handles and bathroom lights," one viewer said.

"Toilet handles, fridge, washing machine, dryer, locks on doors, the list goes on," another added. "My OCD can't handle some days, needs are a must."

Others shared how often they clean their touch points.

"I do this at least five times a day," one homemaker revealed. "Call me extreme!

"These are my daily routines."

"I do all three everywhere in my home," a second said.