Kettle Brand joins the air fryer revolution
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Kettle Brand joins the air fryer revolution

Apr 03, 2023

16-Feb-2023 - Last updated on 16-Feb-2023 at 13:05 GMT

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Air fryers are all the rage, with demand rocketing by 3,000% over the past year.

The gadget uses hot air rather than oil, meaning it offers a healthier alternative to deep-fat frying, but still imparting that essential crisp ‘fried’ finish.

Actually introduced in 2010, the challenges of the past year has seen demand for the appliance rise by 3,000% – amassing over 6.6bn+ views on Tik Tok – as consumers grapple with soaring energy costs.

It's not surprising the concept would eventually be adopted by the commercial snacking sector, and it was the pioneer of kettle-cooked chips to take the first step.

Kettle Brand is again shaking up the snacking sector, this time with a patent-pending tech that is arguably the future of the potato chip category.

The Campbell Snacks-owned brand has unveiled the first-to-market range of Air Fried Chips, available in three flavours: Sea Salt & Vinegar, Jalapeno and Himalayan Salt.

According to Kettle Brand, the technology includes a kettle-cook and air-finish, delivering a light and crispy texture with 30% less fat than the original versions.

"In addition to the natural promise we make with every batch of Kettle Brand chips, we’re proud to be the first air-fried chip," said Janda Lukin, chief marketing officer of Campbell Snacks.

"An air-fried finish is something no one else is offering right now, giving our chips a unique light and crispy crunch to go with their signature bold flavour."

Like the other variants under the brand, the Air Fried Chips are made with non-GMO ingredients (Kettle Brand was the first potato chip verified as non-GMO and currently boasts the most flavours in the potato chip category).

Kettle Brand Air Fried Chips are rolling out in retail across the US for an RRP of $4.79 for a 6.5oz bag.

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