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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: TM Machine Guide

Nov 06, 2023

Players will learn everything they need to know about TM Machines and their functions in this guide.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has introduced several new features to the game. One of these features is the TM Machine, which can be found in Pokemon Centers across Paldea. TM Machines allow players to craft TMs, which will teach Pokemon new, powerful moves.

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While TMs have been part of the Pokemon series from the start, choosing and crafting the right ones can be tricky. Players will be able to unlock new TM recipes as they progress through the game, so getting to know the TM machine is important if they want to train strong, powerful Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet.

For new Pokemon players, TM stands for Technical Machine. Essentially, these are tools to teach Pokemon new moves. They look a little like CDs (although how they actually work remains unclear). Players will have the opportunity to find TMs scattered around Paldea. They'll also be given new TMs from time to time, mostly as rewards for winning key battles.

TMs play an important role in crafting a strong Pokemon team, especially in the later stages of the game when Gym Leaders and Team Star Leaders become tougher to beat.

Players can use the TM machine (or to use its full name, the Technical Machine Machine) to create new TMs. These are made from materials that players will gain after winning battles with wild Pokemon. They may also find materials hidden around Paldea - look for shiny objects on the ground. Materials are natural objects dropped from Pokemon, like claws, feathers, slime, and wool. The more Pokemon players encounter, the more variety of materials will become available to them.

TMs also cost League Points. Players will collect League Points from completing Tera Raid dens, raiding Team Star dens, and defeating wild Terrastalized Pokemon. They can also collect League Points by trading in raw materials. This is an easy way to rack up League Points, as long as players don't accidentally trade in materials they need! Players can view TMs by type, or organize them by number, name, power, or category. Alternatively, they can have all the currently craftable TMs appear first in the list, which is useful.

To make TMs, players will need recipes. Each time players gain a TM, they'll unlock the recipe for it at the same time. TMs are found around Paldea, but they'll also be given to the player at key moments. For example, defeating Team Star bosses will unlock new TM recipes.

It's always a good idea to carefully search new areas, as there might be TMs hidden somewhere. Sometimes they're a little hidden, so it takes some time to find them all.

Picking a TM can be tricky. Each Pokemon has four slots for moves, so teaching them a new move will involve deleting an old one. How can players pick the best moves for their Pokemon?

It makes sense to look at the team as a whole and think about which role each Pokemon is supposed to play. Is this Pokemon going to be a healer? Are they going to be a defensive Pokemon, able to take some big hits from the enemy? Are they going to leap into battle and go on the offensive? Choosing TMs becomes easier if players are able to think strategically. Of course, players have to take into consideration the Pokemon's type: the TM machine can be browsed by type, which makes this easier.

Looking at the Pokemon's ability can help too (this can be found by navigating to the Pokemon's status summary, then moving over to the 'Moves and Stats' menu). Each Pokemon has an ability, and these can't be taught or replaced. For example, the ability Huge Power double's a Pokemon's Attack stat, which means a Pokemon with this ability will benefit from being taught attack-based TMs.

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If players want to catch Pokemon, it's useful having a strong Pokemon with a move that can cause status effects like sleep or paralysis, making wild Pokemon easier to catch. Thunderwave, Sleep Spore, and Sleep Powder are good options here.

Once TMs are crafted (or found), they can be used by going to the Bag, then scrolling to the right until the TM pocket is reached. If Pokemon can learn a TM, a green bar with the words 'Can Learn' will appear underneath their image. Players can then go ahead and teach that move to their chosen Pokemon.

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There are no limits in terms of teaching Pokemon new moves via TMs - players just need to carefully decide which moves to replace, as there are only four slots per Pokemon. It takes time to figure out which TMs are best, but with some experimentation, players should be able to create a super-strong team in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is currently available on Switch.

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