REVIEW: Two New Baumkuchen Cakes Debut at Connections Café in EPCOT
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REVIEW: Two New Baumkuchen Cakes Debut at Connections Café in EPCOT

May 17, 2023

We tried the chocolate and vanilla versions of Baumkuchen cake that debuted at Connections Café in EPCOT. Check out a sneak peek of how it's made and our review below.

Disney announced that the popular German dessert was coming to EPCOT in an official Disney Eats video which also showcased part of the sweet treat's creation. Today, we stopped into Connections Café to see how it's made and to try it out for ourselves.

Food and Beverage Pastry Culinary Director Stefan Riemer is here today teaching Cast Members at Connections Café how to make the popular German treat.

We saw a display in the window of what the vanilla Baumkuchen looks like once they are finished baking. They are then cut in half and served to guests.

We also took a peek at Cast Members preparing the chocolate Baumkuchen.

Baumkuchen is typically made with a batter of eggs, sugar, flour, and butter. The batter is poured onto a rotating drum that is heated from below. As the drum rotates, the batter is baked into thin layers. Once the first layer is baked, another layer of batter is added, and the cake is baked again. This process is repeated until the desired thickness is reached

Baumkuchen translates from German to "Tree Cake," as "Baum" means tree, and "Kuchen" means cake. The name is in reference to the dessert's appearance. It has 15 layers of delicate cake and is crafted on a machine similar to a rotisserie, giving the cake the look of a sliced tree trunk.

The chocolate Baumkuchen is coated with a layer of chocolate and looked like it would be a soft, sweet treat.

Upon taking our first bite, we noticed that it was very dry inside. The chocolate on the outside added flavor and gave it a nice sweetness, however, the cake inside was very bland.

A closer look at the inside of the chocolate Baumkuchen shows the 15 thin layers of the cake.

Overall, we thought this tasted like a stale chocolate frosted donut.

Upon our first bite of the vanilla Baumkuchen, we noticed that it wasn't as dry as the chocolate version.

This cake, much like the chocolate one, was still pretty bland. We were able to detect a hint of almond in the cake, which gave it a little bit of flavor.

Between the chocolate and vanilla Baumkuchen cakes, we preferred the vanilla one. We were really looking forward to these layers adding a soft, buttery, light taste, but unfortunately, it did not deliver.

Are you going to try either of the new Baumkuchen flavors? Let us know in the comments.

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