7 Best Snow Cone Machines 2023
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7 Best Snow Cone Machines 2023

May 26, 2023

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Think: shaved ice, frosty beverages, and so much more.

Picture it: You’re at a carnival or a fair, it's super hot outside, and you’re craving something cool and refreshing. What do you reach for? A snow cone, naturally! And the great news is you don't have to wait for that Ferris wheel to appear in your town to enjoy this summer dessert. You can make your own with snow cone machines designed for home use. Each of our top picks delicately but efficiently shaves the ice for just the right texture. Then all you have to do is add a flavored simple syrup of your choice and lickety-split, the frostiest, sweetest treats are ready!

And before you think snow cone or shaved ice makers are one-trick ponies, think again. Much like the best ice cream makers, they can turn into multitaskers that whip up many other frozen desserts and treats. Think: watermelon granitas and frozen drinks like margaritas and grown-up slushies. You can even just use your snow cone machine as a quick way to cool down any drink.

Our list has plenty of options at every size and price point. There are budget manual models and compact models that don't take up a ton of space as well as large, party-sized models that are just begging to be used for all your summer party ideas. Grab a ready-made setup that includes syrups, buy the syrups separately, or try your hand at making them from scratch. Any way you shave it, you’re sure to enjoy snow cones all season long!

With a professional motor that can churn out four to five snow cones in less than a minute, this machine will satisfy your sweet tooth in no time. Place your finished cones in a convenient serving tray that folds down for easy storage. This machine also comes with four reusable cones and 12 disposable paper cones to get you started.

If you want a great affordable find, look no further than this manual maker. Simply add ice and crank the handle, and the three precision blades will shave efficiently. Since it doesn't need to be plugged in and is compact, it's portable for picnics and other outdoor adventures. Plus, it comes with a free ice cube tray!

Doesn't this just look like a party in the making? It can make up to 20 treats at a time, so it's perfect for larger gatherings. A handy scoop is included for ice distribution, and the tray holds two cones at a time to easily pour the syrup.

If you love snow cones, but don't have the space, look to Dash! This compact model is only six inches wide but still has the power to shave ice like a champ in just a few minutes. It's great for small apartments, dorms, and definitely RVs and campers.

Have a KitchenAid stand mixer? Try this attachment instead of buying another machine. It's compatible with all models and can make a pint of shaved ice in less than one minute. It also has two blades―fine and coarse―so you can customize the texture to your liking.

If you don't want to bother having to buy everything separately, grab this kit and make up to 25 cones at once! It contains a motorized maker, three syrups (cherry, grape, and blue raspberry), bottle pourers, disposable cups, spoon straws, and two reusable ice molds. Then all you need to do is reorder the syrups, cups, and spoons to keep making cones all season long.

If you really love snow cones or throw a lot of warm-weather parties, then you can splurge on a commercial model. The heavy-duty motor can shave a whopping six pounds of ice in a minute. It also has a fully adjustable blade so you can play around with the texture as much as you'd like.

AnnMarie Mattila is the Commerce Editor for The Pioneer Woman, covering products ranging from home, fashion, beauty, and more.

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