Inspectors found unsafe food and flies landing on Cuban bread at a Miami
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Inspectors found unsafe food and flies landing on Cuban bread at a Miami

May 12, 2023

Flies on sandwiches and equipment problems were among the reasons a West Miami-Dade bakery failed inspection on Friday.

Party Cake Bakery, 8582 Bird Rd., got a "Re-Inspection Required," the worst result one can get from a Florida Department of Agriculture inspection. The Ag Department inspects supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, other packaged food sellers, bakeries, food storage, food distribution and food processing facilities.

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Unlike restaurants, which are inspected by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, an Ag Department inspection can't close a place down. An inspector can put Stop Use Orders on equipment or areas of the business, however.

Here's just some of what Inspectors James Zheng and Pedro Llanos found wrong when they visited Party Cake Friday.

▪ In the food service area, an employee working with a slicer and deli ham touched the ham with bare hands. The ham got a Stop Sale order and was tossed.

▪ The handwashing sinks in two key areas, the backroom's employee restroom and the food prep area, didn't have towels or a blow dryer for hands.

▪ The ice machine next to one of those handwashing sinks featured "black substance on the interior ledge of ice machine..."

▪ A prep table slicer in the food service area was "found with old food debris."

▪ Wet wiping cloths on the prep tables in the kitchen and food service area weren't kept in sanitizer solution when not being used.

▪ There were temperature dysfunction problems with a reach-in cooler. The one under the deli slicers couldn't get down to 41 degrees, so it couldn't keep its food under that maximum temperature for food safety. So the diced ham, diced cheese, bacon, steak and tequenos that measured 52 to 64 degrees got hit with Stop Sales.They were tossed.

▪ In the food service area, there were "numerous small, flying insects observed above prep areas" and in the food prep area, "Flying insects observed landing on ham & cheese croissant sandwiches and Cuban bread."