We Can't Get Enough of These Air Fried Bananas
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We Can't Get Enough of These Air Fried Bananas

Jan 05, 2024

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From frying up comfort foods classics like chicken tenders and corn dogs to roasting veggies and baking dough, there's almost no recipe the air fryer can't tackle.

And while we may associate the powerhouse kitchen gadget with savory recipes, they are absolutely fabulous at whipping up sweet treats on the fly. Our latest air fryer dessert obsession? Air-fried bananas, courtesy of Instagram creator Dipped Tampa (@dipped_tampa). Check out their delectable dessert for yourself below:

A post shared by Dipped Tampa (@dipped_tampa)

Yes, you absolutely can! Like many fruits, bananas become extra sweet when roasted, due to the caramelization process (which is heightened by the sprinkled sugar). Better yet, the inside gets ooey-gooey and warm, making the perfect complement to cold, silky vanilla ice cream. For best air-frying results, be sure to keep the peel on the banana, which will protect the fruit from sticking to the fryer.

To help you make your own air-fried bananas, we have developed the below guidelines from the original video. The amounts do not have to be exact; just keep a close eye on the banana so that it doesn't burn.

Slice the banana in half vertically. Do not peel it first. Mix the cinnamon and sugar together. Sprinkle over the cut sides of the banana.

Air-fry the banana at 400 degrees for 8 minutes, or until soft and caramelized.

Top the warm banana with the ice cream and caramel drizzle. Enjoy immediately!